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Voices of Change LLC

“A Workbook For Personal Growth”

Voices of Change LLC produces educational and literacy programs that are focused on helping individuals change their lives.  VOC accomplishes this through educational and literacy programs that utilize poetry, classical literature, philosophy, and cognitive behavioral coaching techniques to help individuals master their emotions, thoughts, and inner trauma.  Once mastered, individuals gain a new perspective on themselves, the world around them, and they are able to utilize the negative emotions, thoughts, and trauma they possess to identify goals and dreams they can truly obtain.

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Voices Of Change Ebook

Voices of Change provide activities and prompts to help you reflect on your choices and why you make them in the first place. After reading this thought-provoking personal growth workbook, you will be able to assess your current situation to make the necessary changes.

Voices of Change will put an end to your negative thoughts and replace them with words of love, opportunity, power, and positivity. This makes you more conscious of what you choose to accomplish with your time, allowing you to do more of what works and less of what does not.

It Is Time To Break Barriers You Have Set For Yourself

Voices of Changes is unlike any other run-of-the-mill personal growth book out there. It has been put together by Dr. Johnny G Chavez as a result of extensive research and lifelong experiences. The book will aid you to drastically change your course of thinking and make you believe that you can accomplish more, or perhaps anything you wish to.

A daily dose of motivational phrases will trigger you to find out what you are capable of and where your limitations are. That way, you will be able to overcome them. In little to no time, you will be challenging yourself in unprecedented ways.   

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