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Voices of Change Ebook

This isn’t just a poetry workbook: this is a tool to change your life. Each week a new topic is introduced, discussed, and explored through question and answer sessions designed to help you generate deep thought and stimulate creative writing instincts. From the Voices of Change Class “From day one I saw greatness in this class, cause it put together men from all walks of life and race who normally would not even speak to one another.” - Class 01 Participant W. “This course has transformed me in ways I never thought possible.... I love music and poetry but never did I think I would be any good at it.” - Class 01 Participant M. “Before I started the writing program... I was in an extremely Dark Place... Mentally, I[/read]
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Voices of Change Workbook


This isn’t just a poetry workbook: this is a tool to change your life.

This Voices of Change Poetry Workbook is designed to facilitate your personal growth and change through exercises that focus on literacy, self-development, diversity and leadership. Each lesson revolves around poetry, but ultimately focuses on personal transformation. This workbook fosters the perfect environment for self-identification, self-exploration, self-visualization, and self-actualization to help you use the magic of poetry to achieve a higher level of happiness and satisfaction with your life.